On Thursday, February 12th, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Anna Wintour—the respective goddesses of music, reality TV empires, and fashion—converged in Manhattan to see Kanye West present his latest clothing collection with Adidas. The pop culture triumvirate was joined by Kardashian and West’s daughter, North, and what can only be described as a giant red muff […]

            See what the stars wore the moment they hit the red carpet.  

I’ve been working out of my home (part time) for over 4 years now. I can’t even believe it. It makes me incredibly proud that I have been able to do it for so long. The other day I was on the phone doing an interview and one of the questions was “What are your work-at-home […]

1.  We always, always been a huge fan of making vision boards. They have always helped us keep focused and we know they work for others too. Most creative people use inspiration boards to begin a project. You can totally use this in your own personal goals too. Oprah was actually our first inspiration and they totally work! 2.  Schedule […]

What are holidays for, if not for traditions and rituals? As the year comes to an end, there are many variations of practices to bring it to a proper close. Some of them involve wrapping up loose ends in order to begin fresh for the year ahead. Others are a way to plan for the […]

Without a doubt, starting your own business is tough. You’ll struggle with self-doubt, fight off the impostor syndrome and face uncertainty. You’ll take on clients you wish you hadn’t. You’ll work very long hours, including your weekends. You probably won’t earn much money. And your family and friends won’t understand what you’re doing, although this won’t […]

Happy Holidays!! This week has been full of holiday luncheons and parties (clients, family and friends) and we’ve been picking up tabletop inspiration everywhere we go. This year there are 2 looks we’re loving and inspired by. First and foremost, we’re always in love with the look of layered metallics. The look is so rich and the […]