Businesses and Entrepreneurs: Must Have Work Essentials

I’ve been working out of my home (part time) for over 4 years now. I can’t even believe it. It makes me incredibly proud that I have been able to do it for so long. The other day I was on the phone doing an interview and one of the questions was “What are your work-at-home essentials?”. At first I couldn’t quite figure out what exactly what they were, but then it occurred to me I’ve got my “go-to” outfits, my routines for my day and all my tricks of the ‘work at home’ trade.  Here are my essentials…


Work at home: Look #1

High waisted skinny jeans are a MUST for me and paired with this Marsala (color of the year) knit sweater its a comfortable outfit for a day at work. I’ve got to be comfortable yet a relaxed stylish. Now this look can work with a classic pump or sneaker wedges which I love because they have a heel, keep you warm in the fall and are SUPER comfortable to run around, pick up samples and haul furniture in. I also am a huge believer in keeping things organized in bags. I keep all my planners, notebooks and project folders in one tote bag that I throw in my car and take everywhere with me. This Celine one is a classic.


Work at home: Look #2

When there are days that I know I may have to run out for a meeting, I want to be comfortable with a hint of dressy so I shoot for a monochromatic look. Totally the Kardashian thing, I know, however it’s in fashion and I love the way it makes you just pulled together. I love these Topshop skinny jeans in grey. I would pair them with a grey knit sweater and this budget friendly tote would go nicely. Also, If I could wear Uggs everywhere I would, so these grey Uggs with heels are definitely on my list!

In addition to my daily planner, I keep beautiful journals at my desk and in my tote where I jot down every little thing that comes to my head. Should you need glasses, I am obsessed with these Warby Parkers. I also love to burn only the best Diptyque candles, tuberose is my favorite.

The sweater / skinny jean look.

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