At Shrewd and Savvy, our main goal is to help ensure your Social Media presence is useful to your business.  By having an active and engaging presence you’ll be ready to leverage your social media presence for any number of business reasons. These might include testing a new product launch, supporting a specific marketing push, gaining direct customer feedback or even helping to manage some kind of problem.
It will also mean you’ll be actively promoting your business to prospective employees and engaging with existing or prospective customers. And we guarantee we will be with you every day… it’s…

what we do.

We manage all your social media needs – (see our full list of services)

The Shrewd and Savvy team has been actively running social media for businesses since 2010, here are just some of the things we can support your business with…

  • • Social Media Strategy Development
  • • Content Creation
  • • Social Media Policy
  • • Social implementation
  • • Community Management
  • • Reputation Management
  • • Channel Management – Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and Blogs
  • • App development
  • • Social Optimization

Shrewd and Savvy is all about conversation and engagement. Our team lives and breathes social media and has wide ranging experience across business, marketing and sales. To achieve this, our expert team will monitor all the activity on your wall, create and write posts and/or review your posts, reply to comments and actively keep the conversation going. In simple terms we aim to ensure your social media has a high level of engagement.

Of course, Shrewd and Savvy will keep you informed and ensure that your key messages or current business focus is accurately represented.  We provide detailed monthly reporting and recommendations and we take the time to get to know your business which is why all of our initial engagements are for a minimum of three months. We don’t promise immediate results… however we do promise to work with you to ensure Social Media is helping to drive your business.

Shrewd and Savvy is not a marketing agency, not a technology company and not an educational company.
We will not develop your marketing strategy, although we will aim to understand it and ensure the tone of your Facebook and its messages are consistent.

We will not build complex Facebook pages or seek to upgrade your website, although if necessary we will help you get setup and will provide recommendations where relevant.

We will not run a Facebook masterclass, but we will happily work with your marketing team or key business contacts to free up their time and to provide support.

Shrewd and Savvy aims to work with your business for the long haul ensuring that Social Media is always ready to support the key messages of your business and maintain a human touch and to help you maximize results.


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