Social Media

Based in Mississauga, Canada, Shrewd and Savvy connects you to the world all through online. We do the work that you just don’t have the time to do.  We offer many packages for you to choose from with special discounts to all charity organizations. We run your social networks, start your social networks, web pages, email lists and more. We do clean up and maintaining also. There is nothing Shrewd and Savvy cannot handle! Contact us today at 647 993 2903 and/or via email at

Conversation Agency, Digital Agency, Social Media Agency….  Technically yes however we rather get on with the task at hand, sorting out your social media.

• We create content
• We create strategies
• We help your business look great online
• We implement the process
• We monitor your page
• We communicate and…
• We get work done

Get the social monkey off your back and let us take care of that portion of your daily task list.  Contact us today.  Let us know your requirements and we will find a way to make it happen.  Easy.

Social Media Strategy

You’re great at what you do and we can help you be amazing at social media.  The biggest challenge with social media is the benchmarks keep changing and social media continues to grow.  Just when you think you have it nailed – BOOM!!  The algorithms change and what worked yesterday no longer gets the same results.

Social Media is just the tip of the iceberg  of the new world of social business and brands are rushing to get on board to be seen as the innovators and forward thinkers of their industry.


It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

It takes time, effort, careful planning and design to ensure your social media strategy supports your marketing and business plan as a whole.  Jumping in and posting with no purpose will have you seeing the shininess of your new marketing tool wear off very quickly.

There is a science behind a successful social strategy, that most people do not know how to take advantage of.  Shrewd and Savvy helps you design a strategy that ensures you not only look great in the social arena, you also the highest chances of your content/posts being seen.

Social Media Policy
With so many changes and the fast growth of social media, it’s important that you are completely covered.

We are not lawyers, but we do know the people in the know and what inclusions need to be added to ensure your business is covered in the social media arena.

Working with you we will build a list of specific requirements and liaise with our legal team to have a customized legal policy drawn up for you.

Social Media Monitoring
Do you know what people are saying about you?  Do you know when you are being mentioned in a tweet, comment or somewhere else online?

We do…

Shrewd and Savvy is synonymous to a big brother, always watching.  As we see things come up positive or negative against your brand, we can tweak and adjust your strategy to ensure you are making the most of any opportunities that may come your way online.

Social Media Management
Would you like more hours in your day?  At the very core of the Shrewd and Savvy group we manage social media for brands.

That means you add Shrewd and Savvy to your digital marketing team and we work with you to ensure whatever can be taken social in your business is presented to all the appropriate platforms.

You will have a custom designed conversation framework created.  This means that we know what key initiatives we are talking about when, so your social communications plan supports your business goals.

An editorial calendar will be designed using a range of posting types to ensure you get the best results.

Best of all – it’s handled off site, so the distraction of people watching for something to happen on any number of sites is removed, meaning distractions are removed and they have a clear space to get the job done.

It’s nice knowing someone has your back.

Our clients love and appreciate:

• The personalized service
• Having an industry expert on their time
• Saving time when they are time poor
• Value for money
• Peace of mind that the social media is covered
• Having the confidence on Shrewd and Savvy to deliver
• Another dimension and voice is added to the business
• They trust that wherever their brand is seen first or second, its always looking great
• Being able to designate stuff that someone else is better at
• As a boutique business they have the advantage of appearing larger through a great social presence

Social Media Design
While your engagement is key to driving a successful social media page, your appearance has to be congruent.

If you feel like your cover image is lacking, your profile image could be a bit more wow, your brand could be better aligned in the digital space for consistency and your app boxes could use some graphic love, our designers can help create the look and feel that you are after taking your business to a new level of professionalism online.

Social Media Competitions and Applications
This is such a grey area for many small businesses, with social platforms increasing compliance, its more important than ever to ensure you understand the ins and outs and expenses of running a competition or promotion.

Running a competition on social media can be quite a complex process and so many people are breaching Facebook rules everyday, which can result in your page being closed down and your efforts amounting to nothing.

Shrewd and Savvy is connected to some of the premium campaign companies and legal teams in North America and internationally.  Guessing is not good enough for your page, if required we will engage and work with a competition guru to ensure all boxes are checked, we will develop a viral campaign to rock your socks off while ensuring you’re legally covered and you are receive the results that you seek.

Social Media Training
With all the changes, keeping up with social media can be tough.
Throughout the year Shrewd and Savvy run a series of small group training sessions to help you get set up and underway with the basics of social media.

Agency Support
Agencies are traditionally defined by their role of planning, creating and distributing advertising.  Many are facing the challenge of melding traditional advertising methods into the digital world and including online communications and public relations.

Shrewd and Savvy works with agencies taking their developed communications messages through to conversations on social platforms.  Then…. We maintain them, month in month out.  Social Media is a marathon not a sprint, it’s about looking great for the long term.  Ongoing implementation means your clients remain looking good and operating at a premium engagement level so they are ready for your next campaign.


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