Businesses & Entrepreneurs: How To Reach Your Goals In 2015

1. Plan your work

We always, always been a huge fan of making vision boards. They have always helped us keep focused and we know they work for others too. Most creative people use inspiration boards to begin a project. You can totally use this in your own personal goals too. Oprah was actually our first inspiration and they totally work!

2. Turn

Schedule out your goal. So, for example, let’s say you want to start an etsy shop with your artwork by the end of the year. You are going to want to make a list of each and every little detail that you need to do to accomplish that goal. No step is too small to schedule. You will want to get a calendar and mark down each time you need to paint & each time you will determine pricing, take photos, etc. Everything should be written down. This helps with creating boundaries for your business + life, which we have learned is essential.

Now get out there and start planning….
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